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[b4ad76] (debian_version_3_69) by cvs2hg

fixup commit for tag 'debian_version_3_69'

2003-07-24 15:52:40 Tree
[1c3944] by kevinrosenberg

push correct directory onto central-registry's

2003-07-24 15:52:39 Tree
[2f96d6] (debian_version_3_68) by cvs2hg

fixup commit for tag 'debian_version_3_68'

2003-07-23 15:14:37 Tree
[922f7c] by kevinrosenberg

Automatic commit for debian_version_3_68

2003-07-23 15:14:36 Tree
[0ddc95] by kevinrosenberg

changes to reduce internal dependence on LPNs

2003-07-21 11:48:22 Tree
[384dd1] by rtoy

Be more careful in generate-call-to-routine when the routine is
actually funcalling a routine.

2003-07-13 18:58:30 Tree
[9e0081] by rtoy

Add mod to +allowed-lisp-names+.

2003-07-13 18:54:51 Tree
[7eb7ff] by rtoy

Include directory and name when computing the name of the output file.

2003-07-12 18:44:04 Tree
[cd79e7] by rtoy

o Make +reserved-lisp-names+ be T, PI, and NIL.
o Add +allowed-lisp-names+ to be a list of names which can be used as
is because the Fortran usage matches the Lisp usage. This prevents
spurious variables with names like ABS$ from being created.
o Use +allowed-lisp-names+ when checking for reserved lisp names.

2003-07-12 04:27:02 Tree
[a27311] by rtoy

o Add new keyword parameter to specify the package to be used for
compiling the code. Defaults to COMMON-LISP-USER
o When generating a call to a routine, we need to check for reserved
Lisp names and mangle it appropriately. Use the new name as needed.
o When parsing a do loop, we need to check reserved lisp names
for the loop variable. (Because other places will have mangled the

2003-07-12 04:24:38 Tree
[c817b8] by sds

pass the list of recompiled files to TEST-ALL

2003-07-11 20:50:25 Tree
[46e470] by sds

(test-all): allow selective testing

2003-07-11 20:49:55 Tree
[bc14b8] by sds

(matrix-print): fixed colp and atp handling; better default format

2003-07-11 20:32:03 Tree
[b63906] by sds

(standard-deviation): compute also max and min
(mdl): added min and max
(standard-deviation-mdl): fill them

2003-07-11 20:31:09 Tree
[554a75] by kevinrosenberg

Add gensyms to avoid variable capture on macros as in http://bugs.debian.org/198635

2003-07-11 08:03:16 Tree
[304f35] by sds

(matrix-transpose): new function

2003-07-09 20:43:22 Tree
[e2a02e] by sds

sbcl port from Alexey Dejneka <adejneka@comail.ru>

2003-07-07 13:56:00 Tree
[0592d4] by sds

(binomial): loop: `:by -1' --> `:downfrom'

2003-07-07 13:52:42 Tree
[eaf2bc] by sds

(+card-vcard-begin+, +card-vcard-end+): use defconst

2003-07-07 13:51:13 Tree
[7a78eb] by sds

(ZIPEXTRANOLINK): port files
(ZIPEXTRALINK): port directory

2003-07-03 15:41:58 Tree
[43d9cd] by sds

(system.zip): link and remove ZIPEXTRALINK to the current directory

2003-07-03 15:41:18 Tree
[5c7801] by sds

(csv-print-vector): print values with :ESCAPE NIL

2003-07-01 21:51:22 Tree
[96173a] by sds

run TEST-ALL only when something testable is modified,
as evidenced by the need to recompile "test"

2003-07-01 21:49:35 Tree
[333d81] by sds

(mk-path): doc string spelling

2003-07-01 20:13:31 Tree
[ce37b3] by sds

(csv-print-vector): use `*csv-separator*'

2003-07-01 20:05:21 Tree
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