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#30 Bugfixes and some other things to PORT

Sam Steingold
port (16)

- Some places used #+cmucl instead of #+cmu, or
#-sbcl instead of #-(and sbcl (or net.sbcl.sockets
- net.lisp:deftype socket and defun wait-for-stream had
#+sbcl, but
no matching #-sbcl in the default.
- net.lisp:open-socket looks strange:
It converts an ipaddr argument to a hostname, which
means that the
socket function has to convert it back to an ip
address. I think
it shold use just ipaddr-to-dotted instead. This
patch does that,
but it leaves a placeholder (SOMETHING host) for sbcl
where host is a dotted host address, because I don't
know what
kind of arguments sockets:socket-connect takes.
Hopefully you do.
- In net.lisp:socket-accept at the comment
; who needs WAIT and BIN anyway :-S
I inserted (ecase wait ((nil))), since non-nil wait
is unsupported for
sbcl db-sockets. I don't know if BIN should be
handled the same way.
- Similarly, I replaced (ignore kind) in defun
open-unix-socket with
(ecase kind (:stream)).
- However, defun open-unix-socket looks *really* weird
to me, in that
it opens a plain file instead of giving an error if
there is no
useful socket function. How is that supposed to
work? Plain files
have completely different semantics from sockets, and
it's unlikely
that anyone would use a socket if a plain file would

- path.lisp:defun load-logical-host-def's documentation
said STYLE
could be :CMU, but the function actually checked for
I changed the doc string to match the old
functionality, and changed
the function to accept both :CMU and :CMUCL.

- One other thing: I'm a bit surprised that you do
#-(or <foobar>) (error ...)
_inside_ the functions instead of putting
#+(or <foobar>)
in _front_ of the functions. That would catch such
earlier. I'll make a patch if you want.


  • Patch for some of the problems.

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    I forgot to mention my e-mail address:

    Hallvard B Furuseth <>

  • Logged In: NO

    I forgot to mention my e-mail address:

    Hallvard B Furuseth <>

  • Sam Steingold
    Sam Steingold

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    I applied some of your patches.
    the conditionals are in the functions and not outside of
    them so that the file can be loaded and used by an
    implementation which does not implement some of the file's

  • Sam Steingold
    Sam Steingold

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