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 then of Karlsruhe University, and
 <a href="">Michael Stoll</a>,
 then of Munich University, both in Germany.
-It <a href="impnotes/faq.html#faq-ansi">implements</a> the language
-described in the <a href="">ANSI
+It <a href="impnotes/faq.html#faq-ansi">implements</a> the language described
+in the <a href="">ANSI
 Common Lisp standard</a> with many extensions.</p>
-<p><a href="">CLISP</a> includes an interpreter,
+<p><a href="">CLISP</a> includes
+an <a href="impnotes/repl.html">interpreter</a>,
 a <a href="impnotes/bytecode.html">compiler</a>,
 a <a href="impnotes/debugger.html">debugger</a>,
 <a href="impnotes/objects.html">CLOS</a>,
@@ -79,10 +80,10 @@
 <table width="100%"><tr><td align="left">
  <a href=""><img src="clisp.png" width="48"
     height="48" alt="[CLISP home]"/></a></td>
- <td align="right"><a href=""><img
-     src=";type=2&amp;page=summary"
-     width="125" height="37" alt="[SourceForge Logo]"/></a>
-  <a href=""><img
+ <td align="right"><a href=""><img
+     src=";type=12&amp;page=summary"
+     width="120" height="30" alt="[SourceForge Logo]"/></a>
+  <a href=""><img
      width="88" height="32" alt="[Support This Project]"/></a></td>
  <td align="right"><a href=""><img