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 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
-<!-- <?php $headers = getallheaders(); ?> -->
 <html xml:lang="en" xmlns="">
  <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
@@ -12,15 +11,12 @@
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="clisp.css" type="text/css"/>
  <link rel="icon" href="clisp.png" type="image/png"/>
  <link rel="shortcut icon" href="clisp.png" type="image/png"/>
+ <link rel="help" href="impnotes/faq.html#faq-help" type="text/html"/>
  <title>CLISP - an ANSI Common Lisp Implementation</title>
 <h1>Welcome to <a href="">CLISP</a></h1>
-<!-- ?php for(reset($headers); $key = key($headers); next($headers))
- { echo "headers[$key] = ".$headers[$key]."<br>\n"; } ?
- href="http://<?php print $headers[Host]; ?>" -->
 <h2>This is
   <a href="">GNU</a>
@@ -99,6 +95,7 @@
    <li><a href="">Scientific Applications on Linux</a>
     - <a href="">CLISP</a> and
     <a href="">Lisp</a></li>
+   <li><a href="">SWiK</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Help translate CLISP messages into your language!</a></li>
  <dt><strong>Rate CLISP!</strong></dt>
@@ -170,8 +167,9 @@
     <li><a href=";package=clisp"
     <li><a href="">Arch</a></li>
-    <li><a href="">Mandrake</a></li>
-    <li><a href=";string=clisp">Slackware</a></li>
+    <li><a href=""
+           >Mandriva</a></li>
+    <li><a href=";t=1&amp;q=clisp">Slackware</a></li>
     <li><a href="">Ubuntu</a></li></ul></dd>
  <dt><strong><a href="">*BSD</a> ports</strong></dt>
@@ -186,25 +184,26 @@
    Unix software for Mac</strong></dt>
  <dd><a href=""
         >CLISP Package</a></dd>
- <dt><strong><a href="">DarwinPorts</a> -
-    open-source software for the Darwin OS family</strong></dt>
- <dd><a href=""
-        >CLISP Package</a></dd>
+ <dt><strong><a href="">MacPorts</a></strong></dt>
+ <dd><a href="">CLISP Package</a></dd>
  <dt><strong><a href="">Cygwin</a> -
    Unix environment for Windows</strong></dt>
  <dd><a href="">CLISP Package</a></dd>
  <dt><strong><a href="">Unix</a></strong></dt>
- <dd><ul>
+ <dd><ul><li><a href=""
+                >Solaris - x86 and Sparc</a></li>
    <li><a href="">AIX</a></li>
  <dt><strong><a href="">CVS</a>
    - when you cannot wait for the next release</strong></dt>
  <dd><ul><li><a href="*checkout*/clisp/clisp/src/NEWS">Development NEWS</a></li>
+   <li><a href="">Implementation Notes
+    - updated nightly from the CVS</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Check out
      CLISP source tree from the CVS</a></li>
    <li><a href="">Browse CLISP
      CVS Repository</a></li>
-  <li><a href="">General SourceForge
+   <li><a href="">General SourceForge
     CVS documentation (rsync, permissions, notification etc)</a></li></ul></dd>
 <tr><th colspan="2">Search</th></tr>
@@ -273,8 +272,7 @@
 <tr><th><a href="">Sam Steingold</a></th>
  <td align="center">
-  <a href=""></a>
+  <a href=""></a></td></tr>
 <tr><th><a href="">Arseny Slobodjuck</a></th>
  <td align="center">no home</td></tr>
 <tr><th><a href="">John Hinsdale</a></th>
@@ -296,7 +294,8 @@
-<hr/><p class="center">
+<hr/><h3>Political issues we promote</h3>
+<p class="center">
  <a href="">
   <img src="" width="88"
        height="36" alt="no e-patents"/></a>
@@ -316,13 +315,22 @@
        height="40" alt="Defend the Future!"/></a>
-<hr/><p>This project is hosted by
+<hr/><h3>Hosting and support</h3>
+<p>This project is hosted by
  <a href="">SourceForge</a>,
  which is, in turn, supported by
  <a href="">VA Software</a>.</p>
 <p>This project is <strong>NOT</strong> supported by these or any other
 company or organization.</p>
+<p>This project <strong>IS</strong> supported by your generous
+<a href="">donations</a>
+as well as <a href="">advertising
+ revenue from ads displayed on the beta pages</a>.</p>
+<hr/><h3>Copyright and licensing</h3>
 <p>All contents here is copyright by the developers and
 is released under the <a href="">GNU