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@@ -41,15 +41,10 @@
  <dt><strong>CLtL2 in HTML</strong> [Mark Kantrowitz]</dt>
   <dd><a href=""></a>
   <a href=""></a></dd>
- <dt><strong>CLISP FFI HOWTO</strong> [Nikodemus Siivola]</dt>
-  <dd><a href=""
-         ></a><br/>
-   a short non-authoritative guide to extending CLISP on Debian via
-   its FFI and module facilities</dd>
  <dt><strong>Building a Windows version of CLISP</strong> using MinGW
   [Frank Buss]</dt>
- <dd><a href=""
-        ></a></dd>
+ <dd><a href=""
+        ></a></dd>
  <dt><strong>CLISP programming - by a newbie, for newbies</strong>
   [Mark Carter]</dt>
  <dd><a href=""
@@ -59,19 +54,18 @@
    <li><a href=""
-   <li><a href=""></a></li>
    <li><a href=""
 <h1 id="about">About Lisp in general</h1>
-<p><a href=""
+<p><a href=""
       >Lisp: Good News, Bad News, How to Win Big</a>
  [<a href="">Richard P. Gabriel</a>]</p>
-<p><a href="">The right tool for
-the job</a> [<a href="">Sam Steingold</a>]</p>
+<p><a href="">The right tool for
+the job</a> [<a href="">Sam Steingold</a>]</p>
 <p><a href="">An Introduction and
   Tutorial for Common Lisp</a>
@@ -87,7 +81,7 @@
  as <a href="*checkout*/clisp/clisp/doc/CLOS-guide.txt"><code>doc/CLOS-guide.txt</code></a>
  in plain text format.</p>
-<p><a href="">Highly
+<p><a href="">Highly
   Opinionated Guide to Lisp</a>
  [<a href="">Pascal Costanza</a>]</p>
@@ -97,20 +91,19 @@
  <a href="">and more</a></p>
 <p><a href="">The Association of Lisp Users</a>
- (also <a href="">Wiki</a>)
 [<a href="">Matt Emerson</a>,
  <a href="">Howard R. Stearns</a>]</p>
 <p>The <a href=""
- <a href="">FAQ</a> list,
+ <a href="">FAQ</a> list,
  as well as the <a href="">old</a>
  list, also at
- <a href=""
+ <a href=""
     >CMU</a>, (no longer maintained, but may be an important source of
   information still).</p>
-<p><a href="">CLiki</a> - intends to provide
+<p><a href="">CLiki</a> - intends to provide
  a collection of links to and resources for free software implemented in
  Common Lisp and available on Unix-like systems.</p>
@@ -136,7 +129,7 @@
       >Kent Pitman's Second Wind</a>
  [<a href="">Slashdot</a>]</p>
-<p><a href=""></a> -
+<p><a href="">BioBike</a> -
  Intelligent applications in BioComputing</p>
 <h1 id="implementations">Common Lisp implementations</h1>
@@ -195,7 +188,7 @@
     see also <a href="#contrib">contrib</a> above.</dd>
  <dt><strong>CL-GTK: A Common Lisp Binding for GTK+</strong>
-  [<a href="">Tim Daly, Jr.</a>]</dt>
+  [<a href="">Tim Daly, Jr.</a>]</dt>
   <dd><a href=""></a></dd>
  <dt><strong>Hybrid graphic expert system shell</strong>
    [<a href="">Hans Groschwitz</a>]</dt>
@@ -211,8 +204,8 @@
      [<a href="">Erann Gat</a>]</dt>
   <dd>(They chose Harlequin CL for the space flight, with CLISP as
        the second best alternative.)<br/>
-   <a href=""
-           ></a></dd>
+   <a href=""
+           ></a></dd>
  <dt><strong>Yahoo! Store</strong>
      [<a href="">Paul Graham</a>]</dt>
   <dd><a href=""></a></dd>
@@ -224,8 +217,8 @@
  <dt><strong>mod_lisp</strong> - hook CLISP into
      <a href="">Apache</a>
      [<a href="">Marc Battyani</a>]</dt>
-  <dd><a href=""
-              ></a></dd>
+  <dd><a href=""
+         ></a></dd>
  <dt><strong>Meta-CVS</strong> - a version control system layered on top
   of <a href="">CVS</a>
   [<a href="">Kaz Kylheku</a>]</dt>
@@ -238,10 +231,6 @@
  <dd><a href=""
      <a href="">HTTP dot LSP</a></dd>
- <dt><strong>Oracle</strong> and <strong>FastCGI</strong> modules
-  [<a href="">John K. Hinsdale</a>]</dt>
- <dd><a href=""></a>
-  (distributed with CLISP)</dd>
  <dt><strong>Screamer</strong> - an extension of Common Lisp that adds
   support for nondeterministic programming
   [<a href="">Jeffrey Mark Siskind</a>]</dt>
@@ -249,9 +238,7 @@
  <dt><strong>Sneps</strong> - The Semantic Network Processing System</dt>
  <dd><a href=""
-        ></a><br/>
-  <a href=""
-     ></a></dd>
+        ></a></dd>
  <dt><strong>Portable Hemlock</strong> - CL-based Emacs-like editor
   [<a href="">Gilbert Baumann</a>]</dt>
  <dd><a href=""
@@ -295,8 +282,8 @@
   [<a href="">Roland Averkamp</a>]</dt>
- <dd><a href=""
-        ></a></dd>
+ <dd><a href=""
+        ></a></dd>
  <dt><strong>pg-dot-lisp</strong> socket-level interface to the
   <a href="">PostgreSQL</a>
   object-relational DBMS
@@ -314,7 +301,7 @@
  <dd><a href=""></a></dd>
  <dt><strong>Qi</strong> - A language implemented in Common Lisp that
   generates efficient type secure Lisp programs which you can run on any
-  machine [<a href="">Mark Tarver</a>]</dt>
+  machine [<a href="">Mark Tarver</a>]</dt>
  <dd><a href=""
@@ -324,7 +311,7 @@
  <dd><a href=""
  <dt><strong>Step</strong> - natural language interface to relational databases
-  [<a href="">Michael Minock</a>]</dt>
+  [<a href="">Michael Minock</a>]</dt>
  <dd><a href=""
  <dt><strong>GBBopen</strong> - high-performance blackboard system
@@ -357,8 +344,14 @@
  <dd><a href=""
  <dt><strong>ABLE: A Basic Lisp Editor</strong>
-  [<a href="">Phil Armitage</a></dt>
+  [<a href="">Phil Armitage</a>]</dt>
  <dd><a href=""></a></dd>
+ <dt><strong>AP5</strong> -
+  <a href="">a high level language</a>
+  [<a href="">Don Cohen</a>]</dt>
+ <dd><a href=""></a></dd>
+ <dt><strong>Spartns</strong> - a SPARse TeNSor representation library</dt>
+ <dd><a href=""></a></dd>
 <p>See also the
@@ -414,10 +407,7 @@
   <dd>a production rule system for Common Lisp.
    Its purpose is to provide extensive support for the development of
    intelligent applications.
-   LISA uses a CLOS implementation of the Rete algorithm.
-   LISA is based on
-   <a href="">CLIPS</a> and
-   <a href="">Jess</a>.</dd>
+   LISA uses a CLOS implementation of the Rete algorithm.</dd>
  <dt><strong>cCLan - Comprehensive Common Lisp Archive Net</strong>
    [<a href="">project</a>
     <a href="">home</a>]</dt>