GNU CLISP 2.29 release

2.29 (2002-07-25)

User visible changes [this is a bug-fix/portability release]

* INSPECT: fixed bugs in HTML generation, Content-Length header,
removing incorrect package on exit, help in nested inspect sessions.

* COMPILE-FILE: fixed :VERBOSE NIL handling.

* DESCRIBE: handles DIR-KEY now.

* (LAMBDA () (DEFMETHOD ...)) now works.

* Fixed RETURN-FROM in deep nesting.

* Fixed crash on errors in module initialization.

* COMPILER-MACROs can now expand to special forms.

* EVAL-WHEN now distinguishes between COMPILE and :COMPILE-TOPLEVEL
and between LOAD and :LOAD-TOLEVEL.


* CLISP now builds with GCC-3.1 out of the box.

Posted by Sam Steingold 2002-07-25