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CLISP home moves, mailing lists are reborn

The CLISP project has moved some of its infrastructure from cons.org to sourceforge.net.

Home Page

The home page has been revamped. Its address continues to be


but this now redirects to


No need to change your bookmarks.

Mailing lists

The mailing lists, which have been out of order for three months, are now up again:

clisp-announce at lists.sourceforge.net for release announcements
clisp-list at lists.sourceforge.net general users' list
clisp-devel at lists.sourceforge.net maintainers talking

Mailing list archives are also available.

If you were subscribed to any of the old lists, you will have to resubscribe to the new lists (the easiest way to subscribe to the mailing lists is via the home page). Sorry about the nconvenience.

Download location

The download for source and binaries continues to be


and snapshots and diffs continue to be available from


Anonymous CVS access

The latest sources can be checked out via anonymous CVS, and can be browsed on the web via CVSweb.

Details are on the homepage.

Posted by Sam Steingold 2000-01-14