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Tree [b77694] default clisp_2_49-2010-07-07 /

File Date Author Commit
benchmarks 2010-06-10 sds sds [c55be9] (with-file): save file name, not the whole file...
doc 2010-07-07 sds sds [b77694] regenerate for 2.49 (2010-07-07)
emacs 2010-04-28 sds sds [ac8399] (put 'clisp-bug-reference-url-format 'bug-refer...
modules 2010-06-30 sds sds [6b2fd1] drop pkg-config support
sacla-tests 2008-02-11 sds sds [67509a] when loading tests/tests.lisp, use *load-pathna...
src 2010-07-07 sds sds [f89c1c] regenerate for 2.49 (2010-07-07)
tests 2010-07-04 sds sds [af573b] Fix unbuffered output pipe stream initializatio...
unix 2010-04-30 sds sds [8ed22f] Additional Information for Maintainers of Binar...
utils 2010-04-20 sds sds [3220b0] COMPILER-DIAGNOSTICS:USE-HANDLER: COMPILE-FILE ...
win32msvc 2010-07-07 sds sds [f89c1c] regenerate for 2.49 (2010-07-07)
.cvsignore 2009-06-15 sds sds [1116e2] add gnulib, tags, TAGS
ANNOUNCE 2004-10-29 sds sds [5d7607] updated: mention MOP
COPYRIGHT 2010-07-07 sds sds [e529f9] 2.49 (2010-07-07)
GNU-GPL 2005-05-20 haible haible [a496f8] Update FSF postal address.
INSTALL 2007-10-18 sds sds [832bdb] updated module list
Makefile.devel 2010-07-07 sds sds [4edc51] Fix MSVC support
SUMMARY 2008-07-13 sds sds [9a8367] claim ansi compliance
clisp.spec 2008-05-08 sds sds [eda251] The top-level configure option --build has been...
configure 2009-12-14 sds sds [9badb6] SIGSEGV: libsigsegv 2.8 has been released
gnulib-tool.patch 2010-03-01 sds sds [95c28b] add comment
version.sh 2010-07-07 sds sds [710011] 2.49 (2010-07-07)