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Tree [3b7b2f] default clisp_2_42-2007-10-16 /

File Date Author Commit
benchmarks 2006-04-18 haible haible [560db4] Typo in comment.
doc 2007-10-16 sds sds [3b7b2f] update HTML for 2.42 (2007-10-16)
emacs 2007-10-09 sds sds [d34d2b] set ignorecase, smartcase
ffcall 2007-07-24 sds sds [f261a5] DragonFly defines __DragonFly__, not __DragonFly
libcharset 2006-10-12 sds sds [921d38] updated
modules 2007-10-16 sds sds [cf57d8] disable gdbm:gdbm-reorganize on cygwin (from ru...
nextapp 2004-06-14 sds sds [f102ca] (MAKE-LOGICAL-PATHNAME): accept :DEVICE :UNSPEC...
sacla-tests 2005-11-08 sds sds [551a2a] (run-all-tests): run "must-condition" with disa...
src 2007-10-16 sds sds [097e40] clisp 2.42 release
tests 2007-10-07 sds sds [211a58] fix emacs & vim filetype header
unix 2007-10-11 sds sds [6b2602] Despite this file's location, it is applicable ...
utils 2007-10-12 sds sds [ae7167] updated (C)
win32msvc 2007-10-12 sds sds [e1ff12] regenerated for 2.41.1 pretest
.cvsignore 2004-04-15 sds sds [bd6911] added ansi-tests
ANNOUNCE 2004-10-29 sds sds [5d7607] updated: mention MOP
COPYRIGHT 2007-10-12 sds sds [8db259] pretest 2.41.1 (2007-10-12)
GNU-GPL 2005-05-20 haible haible [a496f8] Update FSF postal address.
INSTALL 2007-10-16 sds sds [9dab99] tweak
Makefile.devel 2007-10-15 sds sds [bdc2ec] (TP_EMAIL): coordinator@translationproject.org
SUMMARY 2007-10-07 sds sds [c4fe54] tweak
clisp.lsm 2007-10-16 sds sds [097e40] clisp 2.42 release
clisp.spec 2007-10-07 sds sds [fa84dc] (vimdir): install in ${datadir}/vim/vimfiles/af...
configure 2007-01-02 sds sds [0b9ad5] (STACK_LIMIT): set to 16384 because of power5
version.sh 2007-10-16 sds sds [097e40] clisp 2.42 release