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File Date Author Commit
benchmarks 2004-06-14 sds sds [f102ca] (MAKE-LOGICAL-PATHNAME): accept :DEVICE :UNSPEC...
doc 2006-01-02 sds sds [5af1ca] regenerated for 2.37 (2006-01-02)
emacs 2005-10-23 sds sds [9b6fd6] require cc-fonts because of c-font-lock-keywords-*
ffcall 2005-12-06 sds sds [08e90f] regenerated
libcharset 2005-07-13 sds sds [e44fe6] regenerated for 2.33.84
modules 2006-01-02 sds sds [0d9463] use AC_MSG_NOTICE uniformly: without ":"
nextapp 2004-06-14 sds sds [f102ca] (MAKE-LOGICAL-PATHNAME): accept :DEVICE :UNSPEC...
sacla-tests 2005-11-08 sds sds [551a2a] (run-all-tests): run "must-condition" with disa...
src 2006-01-02 sds sds [843502] regenerated for 2.37 (2006-01-02)
tests 2006-01-02 sds sds [05ee1d] revert part of the 2006-01-01 floatprint.lisp p...
unix 2005-12-23 sds sds [08f4dc] alpha linux requires the "no mmap" flags
utils 2005-11-18 sds sds [9c38ba] (find-subclasses-of-type): added
win32msvc 2006-01-02 sds sds [5af1ca] regenerated for 2.37 (2006-01-02)
.cvsignore 2004-04-15 sds sds [bd6911] added ansi-tests
ANNOUNCE 2004-10-29 sds sds [5d7607] updated: mention MOP
COPYRIGHT 2006-01-01 sds sds [6b2b7d] update (c) date
GNU-GPL 2005-05-20 haible haible [a496f8] Update FSF postal address.
INSTALL 2004-06-14 sds sds [f102ca] (MAKE-LOGICAL-PATHNAME): accept :DEVICE :UNSPEC...
Makefile.devel 2005-12-11 sds sds [f4e1ef] RELEASE TODO dates to be updated
SUMMARY 2005-12-07 sds sds [c7563f] GNU is not UNIX
clisp.lsm 2006-01-02 sds sds [f78d90] 2.37 (2006-01-02)
clisp.spec 2005-08-28 sds sds [7e4f41] added danish
configure 2006-01-01 sds sds [cf10cf] replaced --list-modules with --help-modules and... 2006-01-02 sds sds [f78d90] 2.37 (2006-01-02)