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File Date Author Commit
autoconf 2005-06-21 sds sds [535603] regenerated
avcall 2005-07-20 sds sds [b60b9b] clisp 2.34 (2005-07-20)
build-aux 2005-05-27 sds sds [939af4] updated for mingw
callback 2005-07-20 sds sds [b60b9b] clisp 2.34 (2005-07-20)
configurations 2001-06-29 sds sds [01a9e2] typo
m4 2005-07-20 sds sds [b60b9b] clisp 2.34 (2005-07-20)
trampoline 2005-05-20 haible haible [a496f8] Update FSF postal address.
vacall 2005-07-20 sds sds [b60b9b] clisp 2.34 (2005-07-20)
COPYING 2005-05-20 haible haible [a496f8] Update FSF postal address.
Makefile.devel 2005-02-14 haible haible [c7d220] Avoid crashes of test programs during autoconfi...
Makefile.in 2001-06-29 sds sds [01a9e2] typo
Makefile.mingw32 2001-08-20 haible haible [693f0b] Add target 'extracheck', like in Makefile.in.
Makefile.msvc 2002-01-06 sds sds [34d806] prepend '-' before 'del'
NEWS 2004-01-25 haible haible [e7eb20] Prepare for 1.9.
PLATFORMS 2004-01-25 haible haible [d34e45] Mention the new ports powerpc-apple-darwin6.8 a...
README 2004-06-07 haible haible [e99053] Release 1.10.
README.os2 2001-06-29 sds sds [01a9e2] typo
README.win32 2001-06-29 sds sds [01a9e2] typo
configure 2004-01-26 haible haible [95ff55] Regenerated.
configure.in 2001-08-27 haible haible [82db19] Upgrade to autoconf-2.52.
ffcall.spec 2004-05-22 haible haible [e5d178] (installcheck): pass "-E utf-8 -norc" to CLISP
install-check-results 2001-06-29 sds sds [01a9e2] typo

Read Me

Installation on OS/2:

- Requires emx+gcc and a working shell (Bourne shell, Korn shell or GNU bash).

- Set the environment variables CC=gcc CFLAGS="-Zexe" before calling

- Must build in a separate directory and pass the --srcdir option to
  `configure', otherwise avcall-i386.s will overwrite avcall-i386.S.