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File Date Author Commit
benchmarks 2004-06-14 sds sds [f102ca] (MAKE-LOGICAL-PATHNAME): accept :DEVICE :UNSPEC...
doc 2005-07-13 sds sds [e44fe6] regenerated for 2.33.84
emacs 2005-03-21 sds sds [38b4f9] typo
ffcall 2005-07-13 sds sds [e44fe6] regenerated for 2.33.84
libcharset 2005-07-13 sds sds [e44fe6] regenerated for 2.33.84
modules 2005-07-12 sds sds [9d54bb] updated obsolete names
nextapp 2004-06-14 sds sds [f102ca] (MAKE-LOGICAL-PATHNAME): accept :DEVICE :UNSPEC...
queued 2005-06-07 haible haible [94cfe2] Obsoleted by Sam's 2005-04-27 patch.
sacla-tests 2004-10-25 haible haible [badc88] Upgrade to sacla version 2004-10-08.
src 2005-07-13 sds sds [e44fe6] regenerated for 2.33.84
tests 2005-07-07 sds sds [6ee450] (get-setf-expansion): user may pass env=NIL to ...
unix 2005-07-12 sds sds [ad609b] spelling
utils 2005-07-07 sds sds [b16f0d] (*expected-failures*): added MAKE-CONDITION.[34]
win32msvc 2005-07-12 sds sds [7a0fa0] suggest mingw/msys or cygwin
.cvsignore 2004-04-15 sds sds [bd6911] added ansi-tests
ANNOUNCE 2004-10-29 sds sds [5d7607] updated: mention MOP
COPYRIGHT 2005-06-09 haible haible [77eb48] Add CLOS and GRAY to the packages that are cons...
GNU-GPL 2005-05-20 haible haible [a496f8] Update FSF postal address.
INSTALL 2004-06-14 sds sds [f102ca] (MAKE-LOGICAL-PATHNAME): accept :DEVICE :UNSPEC...
Makefile.devel 2005-06-07 haible haible [85379c] Don't distribute queued/.
SUMMARY 2005-04-20 sds sds [5ccb46] ui language can be changed during run time
clisp.lsm 2005-02-21 haible haible [8c55ba] Fix incorrect syntax of ftp URLs.
clisp.spec 2005-02-02 sds sds [79e05a] mention base modules in %description
configure 2005-07-06 sds sds [2edcbe] fixed "./configure --build foo/bar/baz" 2005-07-06 sds sds [95dffd] bumped because of many bug fixes