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clisp Log

Commit Date  
[4a10b1] by sds

(postgresql.fas): remove an extra rule

2009-09-03 16:33:33 Tree
[175f8f] by sds

clisp-module-distrib: fix a typo

2009-09-03 16:31:32 Tree
[e910ea] by sds

(svm$(SHREXT)): no need to add -I$(INCLUDES)

2009-09-03 16:29:51 Tree
[01634a] by sds

(CLISP): init to @CLISP@ -norc -q
(CLISP_LINKKIT): init to @CLISP_LINKKIT@ and use instead of INCLUDES

2009-09-03 16:28:05 Tree
[0fbfed] by sds


2009-09-03 16:12:59 Tree
[e3b5ce] by sds


2009-09-03 16:08:33 Tree
[9fa830] by sds


2009-09-03 15:39:30 Tree
[c44828] by sds

* modules/berkeley-db/Makefile.in, modules/clx/new-clx/clx.lisp:
* modules/dbus/Makefile.in, modules/dirkey/Makefile.in:
* modules/fastcgi/Makefile.in, modules/gdbm/Makefile.in:
* modules/gtk2/Makefile.in, modules/i18n/Makefile.in:
* modules/oracle/Makefile.in, modules/pari/Makefile.in:
* modules/pcre/Makefile.in, modules/postgresql/Makefile.in:
* modules/rawsock/Makefile.in, modules/readline/Makefile.in:
* modules/regexp/Makefile.in, modules/syscalls/Makefile.in:
* modules/wildcard/Makefile.in, modules/zlib/Makefile.in:
(CLISP): init to @CLISP@ -norc -q
(CLISP_LINKKIT): init to @CLISP_LINKKIT@ and use instead of INCLUDES
* m4/clisp.m4 (CL_CLISP): define CLISP_LINKKIT instead of CLISP_INCLUDE

2009-09-03 15:28:59 Tree
[dc9c6e] by sds

regenerated for modules using CL_CLISP

2009-09-03 14:23:14 Tree
[706a8a] by sds

($(MAKEFILE_IN)): create symlink $cl_cv_clisp_libdir
before automake and remove it afterwards

2009-09-03 04:29:09 Tree
[feb986] by sds

fix last patch

2009-09-03 03:43:28 Tree
[7c6152] by sds

install-bin: use "mkdir -p"

2009-09-02 23:20:30 Tree
[215501] by sds

modules should be buildable using pre-installed clisp
* makemake.in (build-aux): add link_dep target
(modular): depend on it
(BUILD_AUX): compute the files which module configures need
(anymodule): pass --with-clisp to module configures
(distrib, install): include BUILD_AUX in libdir/build-aux
* m4/clisp.m4 (CL_CLISP): major rewrite for better caching
* m4/general.m4 (CL_MODULE_COMMON_CHECKS): require CL_CLISP,
pass cl_cv_clisp_libdir/build-aux to AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR
* modules/berkeley-db/configure.in, modules/clx/new-clx/configure.in:
* modules/dirkey/configure.in, modules/gdbm/configure.in:
* modules/i18n/configure.in, modules/pcre/configure.in:
* modules/rawsock/configure.in, modules/regexp/configure.in:
* modules/syscalls/configure.in: call CL_MODULE_COMMON_CHECKS
without arguments
* modules/dbus/configure.in, modules/fastcgi/configure.in:
* modules/gtk2/configure.in, modules/oracle/configure.in:
* modules/pari/configure.in, modules/postgresql/configure.in:
* modules/readline/configure.in, modules/wildcard/configure.in:
* modules/zlib/configure.in: ditto and call CL_CLISP_NEED_FFI

2009-09-02 23:17:17 Tree
[998961] by sds

opt-exec-file: link to quickstart-unix instead of script-exec

2009-09-01 14:56:22 Tree
[ae3afd] by sds

regenerated for 2.48+ (2009-08-24)

2009-09-01 14:42:38 Tree
[51953a] by sds

non-functional (i.e., those that do not change clisp behavior) changes do not need a ChangeLog entry

2009-09-01 14:29:32 Tree
[7617f3] by sds

use &ip;

2009-09-01 14:25:24 Tree
[315f58] by sds

"sose": clarify

2009-09-01 14:22:00 Tree
[cceeef] by vtz

(PACKAGE-ITERATOR): revert commit mistake

2009-08-31 12:20:58 Tree
[0b6fde] by vtz

[MULTITHREAD]: threads suspend/resume cleanup

2009-08-30 20:56:36 Tree
[fd5557] by vtz

fix WITH-PACKAGE-ITERATOR thread-safety

2009-08-30 20:25:47 Tree
[77d342] by sds

(wrap-unwind-protect): add
(expand-loop): use it when iterating over packages for thread safety

2009-08-30 04:46:26 Tree
[98a528] by sds

mt-package: remove; packages are now thread-safe

2009-08-28 21:54:38 Tree
[89b0ad] by sds

make WITH-PACKAGE-ITERATOR thread-safe
* constsym.d, subr.d (package_iterate_cleanup): add
* defs1.lisp (with-package-iterator): wrap MACROLET in
UNWIND-PROTECT and call CLEANUPFUN, returned by ...
(package-iterator-function): return two values: iterfun and cleanupfun
* package.d: add an extra (7th) field to Package Iterator State
(package-iterate): fill the extra LOCKED field when taking symtab
and lock the appropriate package's internal mutex
(package-iterate-cleanup): unlock the currently locked internal mutex
* constobj.d (version): bump because the ABI function
PACKAGE-ITERATOR-FUNCTION now returns two values and the
previously compiled files will not call the cleanup function,
resulting in a locked internal mutex and blocking READ

2009-08-28 21:54:07 Tree
[f220d9] by sds

macros PIS_* (for Package Iterator State) instead of literals

2009-08-28 20:50:25 Tree
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