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clisp Log

Commit Date  
[457318] (clisp_2_33_2-2004-06-02) by cvs2hg

fixup commit for tag 'clisp_2_33_2-2004-06-02'

2004-06-02 22:14:46 Tree
[bb06d2] by sds


2004-06-02 22:14:45 Tree
[cfaf84] by sds

more consistent macro/function naming, more error recovery

2004-06-02 21:32:34 Tree
[59eeba] by haible

Synchronize with vacall/ directory: Renamed vacall to __vacall.

2004-06-02 19:27:28 Tree
[ccb9df] by haible

Renamed vacall to __vacall.

2004-06-02 19:23:13 Tree
[d8df3d] by haible

Update: Renamed vacall to __vacall.

2004-06-02 19:22:10 Tree
[09b581] by haible

Rename the function vacall to __vacall. Needed for gcc-3.4.

2004-06-02 19:21:44 Tree
[802e1b] by haible

Release 2.33.2.

2004-06-02 18:44:42 Tree
[9716d7] by sds

(up2_test, up2_test_not, up_test, up_test_not, up_if, up_if_not):
simplify return statement

2004-06-02 17:28:54 Tree
[264682] by haible

Release 2.33.2.

2004-06-02 13:05:51 Tree
[5dd6df] by haible

Turn check_cons into an inline function.

2004-06-02 11:22:57 Tree
[b040ba] by haible

Use iteration instead of recursion.

2004-06-02 10:29:09 Tree
[226016] by haible

Generate direct slots for DEFSTRUCT.

2004-06-02 10:27:48 Tree
[47c097] by haible

Synchronize the memory layout of weak and non-weak kvtable.

2004-06-02 10:22:13 Tree
[df11fc] by sds

--with-export-syscalls ==> --with-module=syscalls

2004-06-01 20:33:24 Tree
[2442bd] by sds

avoid "#" comments

2004-06-01 20:28:02 Tree
[3d3845] by sds

(check_cons_replacement): return obj

2004-06-01 18:04:45 Tree
[6005ea] by sds


2004-06-01 17:30:05 Tree
[b04024] by sds


2004-06-01 17:26:47 Tree
[6f6b8e] by sds

more errors are recoverable

2004-06-01 16:30:01 Tree
[08eb73] by sds

(run-test): bind *PRINT-CIRCLE* to T

2004-06-01 16:10:38 Tree
[1e0bb8] by sds

BUTLAST and NBUTLAST check their argument for circularity

2004-06-01 16:06:30 Tree
[adf8ac] by sds

(hashcode4) [PATHNAME_WIN32]: declare global

2004-06-01 15:34:57 Tree
[b28014] by haible

Explain better.

2004-06-01 14:23:33 Tree
[584431] by haible

Improve c-TYPEP.

2004-06-01 10:35:58 Tree
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