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#241 segfault and out of memory?

Sam Steingold
clisp (525)

My system is a linux has 2GB memory and 4GB virtual
memory. The segfault occurred when my program only
requested around 1GB memory. (I monitored this using
top command.) My system should be able to handle my
program since it has a total of 6GM memory.

The core dump says:
vacall: va_start type %d and va_return type %d
vacall: struct of size %u too large for pcc struct return.
trampoline: Out of virtual memory!

To simulate the effect, I wrote this small program to
reproduce the problem.

[2]> (defun test (n)
(let ( (x nil) )
(setq x (make-array n :initial-element nil))
(dotimes (i n)
(setf (aref x i) (make-array 10 :initial-element nil))
(if (equal (rem i 1000000) 0)
(format t "done with ~A iter~%" i))
[3]> (test 10000000) // 10^7
done with 0 iter
done with 1000000 iter
done with 2000000 iter
done with 3000000 iter
done with 4000000 iter
done with 5000000 iter
done with 6000000 iter
done with 7000000 iter
done with 8000000 iter
done with 9000000 iter
[4]> (test 1000000) // 10^6
done with 0 iter
Segmentation fault

Is there a maximum memory limit?
What can I do to increase the memory in clisp?


Ben B.


  • Sam Steingold
    Sam Steingold

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    this is the standard request for more information.
    1. what is your platform?
    ("uname -a" on a Unix system)
    compiler version? libc (on Linux)?
    2. where did you get the sources? when?
    (absolute dates are prefered over the relative ones)
    3. how did you build CLISP? (what command, options &c)
    please do a clean build (remove your build directory and
    build CLISP with "./configure --build build" or at least
    do a "make distclean" before "make")
    4. if you are using pre-built binaries, the problem is likely
    to be in the incompatibilities between the platform on which
    the binary was built and yours;
    please try compiling the sources.
    5. what is the output of (lisp-implementation-version)?
    6. what is the value of *features*?
    7. please supply the full output (copy and paste)
    of all the error messages.
    If you cannot build CLISP, you can obviously skip 5 and 6,
    but then you should provide more information in 1.
    please see <>
    for more information.

  • Sam Steingold
    Sam Steingold

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    cannot reproduce this on cygwin/cvs head.
    could you please try CVS head on your system?

  • Sam Steingold
    Sam Steingold

    • status: open --> pending
  • Sam Steingold
    Sam Steingold

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    please try clisp 2.34.
    until you respond, this bug will be marked pending

    • status: pending --> closed
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    previously set to a Pending status, and the original submitter
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