CLIPSWin 6.241

A new version of the Windows CLIPS Interface based on the 6.24 release code is available. It incorporates the following changes:

It is now possible to select and copy text in the dialog window.

Inline editing is supported in the dialog window. The left and right arrow keys can be used to move the caret backwards and forwards through the current command. Holding the shift key down when the left or right arrow is pressed moves the caret respectively to the next line beginning or next line end of the current command. Pressing the delete key will delete the character to the left of the caret. Insertion of other characters or pasted text occurs at the caret. The esc key moves the caret to the end of the current command. The caret must be at the end of the current command in order for pressing the return key to execute the command.

A command history is supported for the dialog window. The up and down arrows allow you to cycle through the command history. The up arrow restores the previous command and the down arrow restores the next command. Holding the shift key down when the up or down arrow is pressed takes you respectively to the beginning or end of the command history.

In the dialog window, whenever the caret is placed to the immediate right of a right parenthesis, the matching left parenthesis is momentarily highlighted.

The (clear-window) function can be used to programatically clear the contents of the dialog window.

The position and size of the CLIPSWin window is now properly save and restored when the executable is exited and started.

Text files opened in an editing window have their line endings automatically converted to the Windows line ending convention if they are not already using that convention.

Posted by Gary Riley 2008-01-22