Help for my project (CLIPS and Java GUI)

  • I'm creating an expert system in CLIPS, The user will use the system interfacing through GUI in Java.
    Obviously, I use the library CLIPSJNI.

    My expert system involves planning scuba diving (I'm creating for academic purposes, I love SCUBA, and so...).

    To begin with, I have relied on the AutoDemo example (
    I have changed some things.

    Now, my project is still at the beginning, but already has a bugs. You can try my project and notice the bug: if I play, if I do a choice and I press NEXT ("Successivo", I'm italian ^^), and after I go back to some screen (with "Precedente") and change my choice to another... the system does not display the correct next screen! I believe that the problem is in scuba.clp.

    My project is here:

    Can you help me?