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clipsmm 0.1.0 released

This is primarily a cleanup release. Several checks have been added for
CLIPS function context support, which is required whether you are using
clips 6.30 or a patched 6.24.

The docs have been restructured a bit and are now distributed as their
own package because of their size.

The primary clipsmm.h header has also been moved into a higher level
directory. Therefore you would replace:
#include <clipsmm/clipsmm.h>
#include <clipsmm.h>

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2009-07-29

CLIPS Linux Available

There is a release of CLIPS available here on the clipsmm site that incorporates the patches I have been applying to the Fedora packages.

This release was created by sourcing the CLIPS subversion repository and then adding the autotools and other Linux support, including changing the sgtty console support to termios.

There are also a number of other items added such as pkgconfig support, and xclips desktop entry file, et. al.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2009-07-29

Added CLIPS support files

Under the download files you will find a new section labeled 'clips extras'. This section contains numerous files that are part of the Fedora CLIPS package and include bug fixes, autotools support, and other utilities useful for CLIPS development.

In particular, application of the files is necessary to build clipsmm.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2009-07-21

clipsmm 0.0.7 released


Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-11-12

clipsmm 0.0.6 released

This release adds the run_threaded() method to the Environment class, which allows a CLIPS environment to execute threaded, as well as other thread support methods such as join_run_thread(), et. al.

Although an environment is restricted to execution in a single thread, this allows multiple environments to excute in parallel in multiple threads.

As a result, a new CLIPS::init() method has been added to initialize the Glib threading system, and as a result all programs must call this method before any clipsmm objects are instantiated.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-08-06

clipsmm 0.0.5 released

This is primarily a bug-fix release. The handling of the boost vs. tr1 smart pointers has been improved, and there have been some minor bug fixes to several methods in CLIPS::Value.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-08-02

clipsmm 0.0.4 released

This release has a few changes that should make it easier to build clipsmm on platforms other Fedora Core 5, and perhaps even now including Windows.

In the Environment class assert() has been changed to assert_fact() to avoid stepping on the assert macro, which is problematic in some compilers from Redmond, WA.

Also, the requirement for support of tr1 smart pointers has been relaxed, and if they aren't found autoconf will look for boost smart pointers.... read more

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-07-29

clipsmm 0.0.3 released

This release introduces the Function class which adds support for CLIPS Deffunctions.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-07-26

clipsmm 0.0.2 released

This release adds the Global class to support CLIPS globals. There are also some other small modifications to the API.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-07-20

clipsmm 0.0.1 released

This is the initial release of the clipsmm C++ CLIPS interface.

Although this is a 0.0.1 version, release has been delayed until the library was sufficiently complete to be usable in practice. This release provides support for the following CLIPS concepts: activations, deffacts, environments, facts, modules, rules, and templates (CLIPS templates, not C++ templates).

An additional feature in this release is the ability to add any function or C++ class method to the CLIPS inference engine through sigc++ slots.

Posted by Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. 2006-07-17