#13 One more


When the clock is discovered in the upnpdump utility, I
often do not get an empty response, this happens mostly
in debug mode, and is for some reason better when
executing outside the debugger.


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    I meant to say that I often get an empty response when there
    should have been one. Also playing with the Intel UPnP
    toolkit I tried starting the Intel Micro Light. It is
    however not possible to query this using the upnpdump
    utility, as it is never listed in the list of devices one
    can query.

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    FYI, the reason why Intel UPNP devices are not discovered,
    well, at least the micro light sample device, is that
    content length is not among the http headers.

    From RFC 1945:

    7.2.2 Length

    When an Entity-Body is included with a message, the
    length of that
    body may be determined in one of two ways. If a Content-
    Length header
    field is present, its value in bytes represents the
    length of the
    Entity-Body. Otherwise, the body length is determined by
    the closing
    of the connection by the server.

    So I guess the correct thing to do is calculate length based
    on how much data is received.

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    And a little further I find that you already have support
    for this with the define :