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No data in drop down or logs

  • simon


    I just installed clickheat according to the instructions.  I defined one domain and one group in the configuration step of the installation, I received no errors with configuration, I saved my configuration, and my logs and cache directories have the proper permissions.

    I see the domain and group in the array of the config file, but when I load the admin page, the dropdown called 'Website and Group' is empty.  I clicked the button to add a webpage I can input information, then I added the javascript code to my page.  When I run the debug js, I get an alert that says everything is working fine, but nothing is being added to my log file and I still see the message 'No logs for the selected period (first think removing filters: browser, screensize)' in the admin area.

    Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


    • Blade 1o6
      Blade 1o6

      Hi Simon,

      The domains/groups defined in the configuration are only filters. These don't create any file on the hard drive, so that's normal that nothing appears in the dropdown at first. Only a click correctly registered will create an entry in the dropdown.

      Then, for the click not logged: do you see the text «Server answer: OK» at the end of the alert box when you click in debug mode? Else something's wrong: you may have not defined the domain/group filter correctly, so that you'll read «Server answer: wrong referer/group» which means that the click is NOT registered.

      Please give me a webpage example (not the admin panel, just the front page of the website), I'll see what's wrong if you want to.