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custom date range

  • Is there a way to enter or use custom ranges for heat maps? I want a range different from "day", "week" and "month". For instance: last week of march first week of april or all 2010.

  • Blade 1o6
    Blade 1o6

    Hello mgamix,

    For the moment, it's impossible. My opinion is that you don't need such a thing, as a week of data is enough to see where the clicks are, and where the problem is on your design. A year of data is totally wrong, as if you change your design a little bit during the year, the clicks have no more meaning.

    So week/month are shortcuts for people who don't have enough data on a single day.

    Perhaps the MySQL release of ClickHeat 2.0 will allow such a thing (will probably be released at the end of this year).