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Download Projects from CVS

  • Rafael Viana
    Rafael Viana

    I got logged into CVS only anonymously.So, I can't edit the files.

    1)How can I download the projects to make my own builds (Can I?)
    2)How can I contribute to the project?

  • Curtis Fisher
    Curtis Fisher

    Hi there,

    You can check out the projects into your own workspace then tie the source into your individual projects as needed.  That way if you make any alterations or improvements to the Farata code base, your projects can take advantage of them.

    As far as contributing to the various projects available to you, I would contact Victor via the Farata website and ask to be included as a contributor.  However probably the best way to go about this is to make whatever changes and improvements you desire then test them extensively.  After which you can make arrangements for your code to be merged into the current code base. 

    If you are a coding ninja then I'm sure that the Farata crew would welcome your open participation with unlimited access.  Otherwise, and I'm not speaking for them, they will probably be very polite and accept your changes for review.  I have found them very busy but able and willing to devote time when they have it available in order to help the community and raise awareness for their component libraries and products.

  • Rafael Viana
    Rafael Viana

    Thanks for the quick answer.

    I got it now.I check out the projects to my own workspace.Now I'm debugging and trying to understand how it works (the data synchronization).

    If I notice something that I think could be better I'll get in touch.