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returned objects are mx.utils.ObjectProxy

  • hi,

    i'm not sure if this is related to DTO2FX, but the objects returned by my service object
    are all of type mx.utils.ObjectProxy, I'm unable to cast them into the correct class.

    Looking at the objects properties in the debugger, they have the correct values, but
    they are simply ObjectProxies instead of the real object.

    Anyone knows why this is happening ?

    • replying myself here...

      i've just found out that the objects which arrive on the flex side are only mx.util.ObjectProxies when i have loaded them from the database (using hibernate). When i create the object on the server without database interaction, the resulting type on the client is correct.

    • it was actually a Hibernate thing... sorry.

      i retrieved the object as a hibernate proxy, that's why blazeds serialized it as a objectproxy.