Enum generation - Wrong template?

Marty Pitt
  • Marty Pitt
    Marty Pitt


    I'm using DTO2FX with BlazeDS. 

    I find that the enum's serialize fine from Server -> Client, but not the other way.  Initally I received a "cannot create class - no parameterless constructor" error.  After some googling I added this call to a static intializer:

    PropertyProxyRegistry.getRegistry().register(Enum.class, new EnumProxy());

    As a result, the error is not thrown, but the value does not serialize -- so the EnumProxy value is null, resulting in an NPE in EnumProxy.instanceComplete.

    I wonder if the template being used for enums works with BlazeDS.  When I compare the Enum generated code to the code here (http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/BLZ-17), I notice that the DTO2FX code implements IExternalizable, whereas the Enum in that example does not.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated


    Marty Pitt