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Missing source code -- IMPORTANT

  • Odysseus Levy
    Odysseus Levy

    I'm sorry for posting so many posts, but I've got one last question now. If you answer just one question, please answer this one :-)

    I've downloaded the checked in source files, but I am not find the log4fx ui files. Specifically I'm not finding the following files (I pulled this from the .swc):

    <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:LoggingAdjustmentManager" name="LoggingAdjustmentManager" uri=""  />
        <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:LoggingTarget" name="LoggingTarget" uri=""  />
        <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:RemoteOutput" name="RemoteOutput" uri=""  />
        <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:RemoteOutputDescription" name="RemoteOutputDescription" uri=""  />
        <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:ServerOutput" name="ServerOutput" uri=""  />
        <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:ServerOutputDescription" name="ServerOutputDescription" uri=""  />
        <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:ServletOutput" name="ServletOutput" uri=""  />
        <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:ServletOutputDescription" name="ServletOutputDescription" uri=""  />
        <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:SocketOutput" name="SocketOutput" uri=""  />
        <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:SocketOutputDescription" name="SocketOutputDescription" uri=""  />
        <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:TraceOutputDescription" name="TraceOutputDescription" uri=""  />
        <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:XPanelLogOutput" name="XPanelLogOutput" uri=""  />
        <component className="com.theriabook.util.logging:XPanelOutputDescription" name="XPanelOutputDescription" uri=""  />


    • Odysseus,

      Thank you for pointing out.
      The project was indeed missing - uploaded now under name com.farata.myflex.log4fx.

      The legacy name for this project was Log4Flex, hence former name for the SWC was Log4Flex.swc.

      Kind Regards,
      Victor Rasputnis