AutoSynchronize DataCollection

  • Brother

    Is it possible to synchronize the two companies.fill (0,5) and companies.fill (0,10)?

    @ CX_JPQLMethod (
    query = "SELECT c FROM Company c WHERE BETWEEN: startID AND: endID",
    / / transferInfo = @ CX_TransferInfo (type = "clear.samples.entity.Company"),
    updateInfo = @ CX_UpdateInfo (updateEntity = Company.class, autoSyncEnabled = true)

    List <Company> getCompanies (Integer startID, Integer endID);

    on one client select the companies in which the ID from 0 to 5, the second from 0 to 10, if you edit a company whose ID is 3 then the second client is not synchronized ..

  • Arthur,
    No, we do not synchronize across different result sets. If the arguments are the same - we do, and it is across network as well.
    This is the area of , by Adobe. In our architecture, which is "server-lightweight" we would have to cache all instances locally and make sure that whoever of 0-5 and 0-10 result sets comes (from the server) second the overlapping items are replaced with the ones already in the cache. Not clear what would be the lifetime of this cache, etc - all in all we decided to leave it to application logic.