Claws Mail 3.9.0 unleashed!!

14th November 2012 Claws Mail 3.9.0


Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast
email client.

New in this release:

* Added IMAP server side search

* Added the file .claws-mail/extraheaderrc which holds editable extra
headers to be added to compose window combobox

* Added 'Select html part of multipart messages' to the Folder

* GnuPG: Consider marginal signature validity as untrusted

* The mimeview shortcuts are now user configurable

* Spell checker: Always show 'change dictionary' menu

* Filtering dialogue: TreeView type-ahead is now case insensitive

* Separated 'Mark all read' from 'Mark as read' and 'Ignore thread'

* Made 'Mark all read' confirmation button more clear

* Made the clickable area of the expander arrows in the folder list

* Made SSL client certificate error messages more meaningful

* The type of units required in the Extended Search information
dialogue are now indicated

* Several speed-ups and optimisations

* Updated manual

* Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, French, German,
Hungarian, Spanish, Swedish, traditional Chinese, Ukrainian

* Bug fixes:
o bug 1137, 'loading plugins with same profile on different
o bug 1961, 'patches for a couple of clang warnings'
o bug 1975, 'preference mutt key bindings do not take effect'
o bug 2096, 'MEMORY-ERROR w/ Claws-Mail/IMAP and Lotus
o bug 2203, 'Problems in forwarding multipart/alternative
messages with HTML part'
o bug 2390, 'Non-fully-trusted-key-warning appears based on
primary UID rather than recipient e-mail'
o bug 2579, 'Installed headers redefine autotools-specific
o bug 2596, 'Spell checker does not work properly'
o bug 2638, 'Respect $LEX environment variable in'
o bug 2639, 'The MSGBUFSIZE definition collides with a
definition of OpenBSD'
o bug 2650, 'segfault in pgp when gpgme_strerror() returns
a non utf-8 string'
o bug 2689, 'segfault when trying to view info about
pgp/smime sign'
o bug 2697, 'segfault in parse_parameters()'
o bug 2718, 'Failure to check peer hostname when checking
o bug 2723, 'Missing encoding in generated html manual'
o bug 2743, 'null pointer crash in procmime strchr'
o bug 2744, 'Quick search throws bad command argument error
since recent change'
o bug 2751, 'g_mutex_new/g_mutex_free removed from GLib 2.32'
o bug 2760, 'display correct libc version in crash dialog
when uclibc is used'
o bug 2761, 'Desktop file does not pass validation'
o bug 2776, 'Make all menu shortcuts work properly in the
message window'
o bug 2777, 'Installing latest cvs116 package 14 Windows
version results in wrong paths in clawsrc'
o Fix some modal windows
o Only show HTML parts by default (if the pref is set so) if
the part disposition-type is inline or unknown, but not
o IMAP: Always clear the tags list when fetching a folder, or
Claws will never untag an untagged email.
o Fix double mainwindow presentation that confuses GNOME3
when some plugins fail to load (subsequent Claws windows
got no focus in that case)
o Fix build on Fink/OS X
o Fix build with gnutls 3.1.3
o Fix Windows build
o Fix Windows runtime crash
o Fix socket communication

For further details of the numbered bugs listed above consult

See ChangeLog for full information regarding changes in this release.

Posted by Paul Mangan 2012-11-14