Claws Mail 3.7.9 unleashed!!

9th April 2011 Claws Mail 3.7.9


Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast
email client.

New in this release:

* Added a hidden option, 'show_inline_attachments'. When this is
de-activated inline attachments referenced by other message parts,
(e.g. attached images referenced in an HTML message part), are
hidden. This is on by default, maintaining previous behaviour.

* Added a hidden option, 'msgview_date_format'. When this option is
activated the Date format in the Message View will have the same
format as in the Message List. The format of the date is also
controlled in the same way, by the option on the Display/Summaries
page of the Preferences. This is off by default, maintaining
previous behaviour.

* Several GUI improvements:
o Reworked Simplify Subject RegExp in the Folder Properties
o The IMAP option 'Move deleted mails to trash and expunge
immediately' has been moved to the Advanced page of the
Account Preferences.
o The option 'Send account mail address in Message-ID' has
been moved to theSend page of the Account Preferences.
o Improvements to the Preferences for the Toolbars.
o Improvements to the initial Set-up Wizard dialogues.
o Improvements to the Templates preferences pages.
o Implemented a nicer scroll when drag and dropping.
o Added a button to get dictionaries on WIndows.

* New translation: Lithuanian.

* Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, French,
Slovak, Spanish, Ukranian.

* Bug fixes:
o bug 2050, 'Clawsmail sends return receipt every seconds'
o bug 2148, 'Attachment content-transfer-encoding incorrectly
set when signing emails'
o bug 2165, 'The date not localized in the message view'
o bug 2203, 'Problems in forwarding multipart/alternative
messages with HTML part'
o bug 2237, 'User action makes Claws unresponsive'
o bug 2279, 'crash when clicking 'define' in filter
o bug 2299, 'Incorrect handling of quoted printable coma
in headers'
o bug 2315, 'claws-mail 3.7.7 crashes when trying to compose
mail on FreeBSD 9.0 amd64 (GTK+ 2.22.1/GLib
o bug 2322, 'GPG Full info: showing subkey ID instead of
primary key fingerprint'
o bug 2325, 'messages remains in folder cache after moving
from MH to IMAP boxes'
o bug 2331, 'Base64 is broken in 3.7.7 and 3.7.8'
o bug 2332, 'Crash when hitting cancel on the SMTP status
o bug 2346, 'Please register x-handler-scheme in .desktop
o bug 2350, 'Make displaying localized date/time in message
view optional'
o bug 2361, 'Claws crashes after PGP Check in separate msg
o bug 2365, 'Crash when auto-scrolling headers in compose
o bug 2369, 'valgrind.h should NOT be part of claws-mail'
o bug 2381, 'Support for NetworkManager 0.9'
o bug 2383, 'folderitemrc not updated when account name is
o bug 2393, 'Crashes and rendering problems in the "Save as"
menu caused by attachments with umlauts in the
file name'
o bug 2394, 'backtrace() crashes on FreeBSD'
o fix matcher body parsing
o fix crash when searching or adding a LDAP server
o fix sa-learn when offline
o TrayIcon plugin: fix logic bug which caused icon to be
always set no-mail status on plugin load
o TrayIcon plugin: force icon hide on plugin_done(), without
it an empty space is left in tray under KDE3 and KDE4
o fix segfault on Windows

For further details of the numbered bugs listed above consult

See ChangeLog for full information regarding changes in this release.

Posted by Paul Mangan 2011-04-09