Claws Mail 3.5.0 unleashed!!

27th June 2008 Claws Mail 3.5.0


Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast
email client.

Notes for this release:

The certificate port on TLS was fixed, however this will trigger
one wrong 'New certificate' warning on the first connection.

New in this release:

* Added an option, "Use secure file deletion if possible", which
enables shredding of temporary files and messages instead of
just removing them. This is available on the Other preferences

* Added an option, "Select the HTML part of multipart/alternative
messages". This is available on the Message View/Text Options
preferences page.

* Added an option to the 'Create new folder' dialogue which enables
new folders to inherit the properties of their parent folders
during folder creation.

* Added a hidden option, "two_line_vertical", which toggles the
2-line view in the message list when using the 3-column layout.
Defaults to '1', show 2 lines.

* Added a hidden option, "outgoing_fallback_to_ascii", which allows
the user to specify an outgoing charset/encoding, but still fall
back to 7bit US-ASCII when possible.
Defaults to '1', fallback when possible.

* Added support for the Avant Window Navgator (Awn) information
bubble. This is automatically enabled if dbus is available.

* Face and X-Face headers can now be added globally and per-account
from configuration files under ~/.claws-mail/autofaces/. Further
information is provided in the manual.

* The SHA1 fingerprint is now shown on the SSL certificate dialogue
and the labels are now selectable.

* Several GUI improvements have been made, (Address book, filtering
dialogue, Actions dialogue, and Account preferences).

* New icons have been added for 'Reply to list' and 'Cancel'. The
'Insert file' and 'Close' icons have been improved, as have the
tray icons.

* Added the Trash and Delete icons to the Custom Toolbars options.

* SMTP-only accounts are now not shown in the Receive menus and
Account lists in filtering/processing, as they are irrelevant here.

* tools/
Support for a gmail exported csv address book was added.

* Updated English, French, and Spanish manuals.

* Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, French,
German, and Spanish.

* Removed unmaintained translations: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech,
Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian,
Swedish, and Taiwanese. (New maintainers are very welcome,

* Bug fixes:
o bug 1447, 'If user tries to close while starting up, it
will not close ever.'
o bug 1566, 'too short I/O timeout on OpenBSD'
o bug 1576, 'Curly brace literals reported as error in
message template'
o bug 1581, 'Bad File Format during Import LDIF'
o bug 1586, '3-pane vertical layout now and then still shows
sender column'
o bug 1587, 'can not replay with quote'
o bug 1589, 'tagsdb file not removed when folder deleted'
o bug 1597, 'In news folders, "Move Message to Wastebin" icon
isn't grayed although ineffective'
o bug 1598, 'Leading slash while translating "Unsubscribe"'
o bug 1599, 'attach multiple files with the same name from
one mail to another'
o bug 1602, 'Crash when sending return receipt for messages
with no subject'
o bug 1604, 'found_in_addressbook "From" in "Any" in non
english local'
o bug 1608, 'Inconsistent behaviour of mark as read options'
o bug 1610, 'claws crash after opening/closing preferences
and window update'
o bug 1613, 'Various memory leaks'
o bug 1615, 'hang on FIFO when the other end's not opened'
o bug 1616, 'strange question while emptying trash'
o bug 1623, 'exits with segfault when logging in to certain
o bug 1624, '[PATCH] Quick search should be disabled for
folder view'
o bug 1628, 'Claws Mail crashes when filtering selected
o bug 1635, 'Last character of message is truncated when
changing accounts w/ sigs'
o bug 1636, 'Can't select "properties" on "folders only"
o bug 1650, 'Message line too small after changing columns in
"three columns" layout'
o Use g_(un)setenv instead of (un)setenv which doesn't exist
on IRIX 6.5.
o Fix 'Delete line' and 'Delete to end of line' on the last
o Fix double free when STARTTLS fails
o Fix ldap deprecated calls
o Fix debian bug 481856, 'Segmentation fault when verifying a
GPG signature'
o Fix cursor placing on signature change
o tools/
Fix reading a tb rule that contains something like that:

For further details of the numbered bugs listed above consult

See ChangeLog for full information regarding changes in this release.

Posted by Paul Mangan 2008-06-27