#279 Add Windows 8 Context Menu Items To Button


I got used to using the Right Click menu on the Windows 8.1 Start Button (mostly the sleep/reboot commands) but the power settings etc would be useful to have show in the context menu as they do for Windows 8.1's Default Context menu.

I would like to have this feature added to keep using Classic Shell consistent on the machines I don't use it on please.


  • xpclient

    You can hold down Shift as you right click on the Windows 8.1 Start button to show the Win+X menu. There is an also an option in Classic Start Menu settings -> Controls tab called "Right click opens Win+X menu". If you check it, then a regular right click on the Start button will open the menu you want and Shift+right click will open the Classic Shell context menu.

    • LiveFreeDead

      Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted... But I am curious if it can be added to the Classic Shells context menu too - so you can use it from in Windows 7 the same as Win 8. I really only want the "Shutdown or sign out" features just above Classics Exit (Menu Item). It's just a request tho so if you don't feel it would be useful, just thought some other people might have kept accidentally right clicking start and then having to click off it, left click the menu and pick from the shutdown menu - after a month of using the default Windows 8.1 install.

      Last edit: LiveFreeDead 2013-11-25