#202 Toolbar "View Medium Icons"

Zacharias Bumsty

I'm new to Classic Shell - thanks for this wonderful tool !
In Classic Explorer/Toolbar Buttons/ we have the possibility to create toolbar-buttons which changes the view in the file-pane, e.g "View Details", "View List" and "View Medium Icons". This works as expected.

The size of the medium icons in the file-pane is correct and correspond with the Win7-Default. But Windows Explorer the 'View'-Function (with the long vertical slider) also allows modifications of the icon size in small steps - the same can be achieved with "Control-key + mouse-wheel".

A pleasant looking icon size depends not only of personal-taste (e.g eye-glasses), also of the Monitor-Size and resolution. eg. my personal style would be medium-size-icons -4 mousewhell-ticks Monitor 19" / 1280 x 1024).

Therefore I suggest that the command "viewicons_medium" can be extended with some sort of parameter (eg. +1 or -3), similar as in "Navigation Pane" the control "Tree Item Spacing"

Best regards, Zach


  • xpclient

    While I would also like Ivo to add this feature, I doubt if it can be done. As a substitute for loss of slider in Windows 8, I created this AutoHotkey script if you are interested that maps Ctri + and - keys to Ctrl+mouse wheel zoom in/out: http://sdrv.ms/QAbHvv (Note: If you have Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender enabled, AutoHotkey compiled scripts don't run properly).