Folder Size and File Count

  • Collin Higgs
    Collin Higgs

    I had hoped that using Classic Shell, I would be able to vew the size and file
    counts of each folder as we used to see in XP. For example I have a number of
    playlists for my MP3 player and when I want to add new tracks to them I would
    want to keep the quantity of files (tracks) in each folder (playlist) about
    the same. If it's possible to see the playing time and total file sizes in
    each folder as well, that would be a bonus.


  • Anonymous

    If you turn on the status bar from View menu and then go to Classic Explorer
    settings, Status Bar tab and check 'Show free space and file size", you will
    get the total size back on the status bar. If you also have the Details pane
    enabled, you can select multiple songs and see the total playing time on the
    Details pane like this:

    Or do you mean you want to see total file sizes and file count in Explorer
    Details view in columns? Microsoft removed the API used to add custom columns
    for Explorer in Vista so nothing can be done about it for Explorer. That said,
    there is a utility called FileMenu Tools that has a decent folder size
    function with right click integration for folders. For file count, you will
    have to add a custom button to the Classic Explorer toolbar and clicking that
    button . If you are interested, I will share how and it will show file count
    in the Details view column.

  • aireca

    Its sad but there is no soft useful as "Folder Size" on XP, what im doing is
    open a virtual machine with Windows XP and Folder Size installed, it works
    with lan folders, just give the virtual machine temporary full access to your
    folders.. its fun and useful to have 2 or more OS running at the same time,
    but of course you need to have a decent pc