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File Item Spacing?

  • Noel Carboni
    Noel Carboni

    Referring to the (wonderful, amazing, thank you) ClassicExplorer component...

    I see you have added a Tree item spacing capability to the Navigation Pane
    configuration. A negative settings suits me well, allowing more of the tree to
    be put on the screen.

    Do you have any plans to add a similar configuration item to the File Pane
    (e.g., for Details view)? That would make it possible to have Explorer be more
    information dense. I always liked in XP that you could get a LOT more in
    there. Even Vista had smaller vertical spacing.

    All I can say is that Ivo, you're an absolute LIFE SAVER with this project. What you've already done with it makes Windows 7 actually usable! Thank you!


  • Noel Carboni
    Noel Carboni

    Thanks for the quick response. I feared that might be the answer... I've read
    about Georg's stylesheet tweaks, and the worry I have about that is that
    changing one of Windows' components (ExplorerFrame.dll) pretty much goes
    against the grain of system protection, and I'm not sure about what will
    happen when Windows Update comes along and wants to update it with some fix
    Microsoft has made.

    I take it there's no good way to get in and hack those same resources in
    memory at runtime during startup.


  • james

    I found a workaround for this.

    This registry tweak is actually for another option (disable autoarrange) in the explorer options but it also changes line spacing.

    For XP line spacing to work the properties of the folder should be "General" and there should be no spaces in the name of the parent folder.

    Go to and download ''. This will add the option to disable autoarrange to your right click menu also change line spacing to XP tight style.

    Back up your registry; there is an undo file included in case you want to remove it.

  • Emmanuel Bourg
    Emmanuel Bourg

    The auto arrange trick works fine. That would be great to have this registry tweak integrated into Classic Shell.