REQ: add start menu quick filter like in Win7

  • Leon Sorokin
    Leon Sorokin

    is there a way to add a quick filter to the start menu like in win7 and maybe
    a single configurable hotkey to hook and focus it (~ being my choice). i
    always find myself opening the regular start menu for this when i dont want to
    mouse through a huge menu tree. much needed addition i think.


  • Ivo Beltchev
    Ivo Beltchev

    The one in Win7 is NOT a filter. It is a full-featured search functionality.
    It will find even things that are not in the start menu.

    I REALLY don't want to implement a full search functionality. Even just
    searching the contents of the start menu is a huge task - add a box for
    typing, perform search in background, update results in realtime, etc. Why not
    use the Win7 menu with the cascading All Programs?

  • Leon Sorokin
    Leon Sorokin

    a full search is quite unnecessary in a start menu, i'm not sure why MS made
    it this way.

    however, a quickfliter is very useful and it doesnt seem a huge task to search
    the start menu/control panel contents at all. PSmenu does this with blazing
    speed, dynamic menu rebuilding is definitely a bit of a project, but once
    again i think it's very important for productivity like code-completion in any
    IDE or google's search box "suggestions"; live filters are an extremely
    powerful alternative to iterative drill-downs (search within results) in small
    datasets. a box for typing is perfectly suitable for something like this, it
    belongs there. i would argue that even "run" doesnt need its own dialog box,
    just make another box to type in with a run icon (maybe "run as")

  • Ivo Beltchev
    Ivo Beltchev

    I'm not saying it is impossible, just that it is A LOT of work, particularly
    if you it to be skinnable.
    There are also few available alternatives:
    1) Use the Win7 menu with cascading All Programs
    2) Use Classic Start Menu -
    3) Use Vista Start Menu - (I think there is a free version)

    So given the above, I have very little interest in such project. Sorry.


  • Anonymous

    There's also a fantastic tiny clone called ViStart: http://lee-

  • xpclient

    Good news users. The latest Classic Shell version 3.9.0 has 100% lookalike of the Windows 7 Start Menu with full search integration. Basically, Classic Shell is now 2 different implementations of the Start Menu in 1 product. :)