Classic Start Standalone

  • waika

    At my last count there were seventeen Start Menu applications (including Classic
    Shell's Classic Start Menu) for Windows NT 6.2. While a few are freeware or
    supported by donations like Classic Shell, many like
    Start8 are are commercial software
    that got a lot of their ideas and in some cases it would even appear code
    inspiration from Classic Shell...

    That may seem trivial, but Start8 for example will make its Developer Stardock
    several million $U.S. with contracts, and while that income goes to support a
    fairly large staff -- unless Ivo is already independently wealthy I doubt he's
    doing as well on donations from original, better, more mature, robust and
    feature rich software then Stardock is from a little over a month old beta

    Perhaps the digression into business away from the good will nature of FOSS is
    just not something to Classic Shell's Developer, but I'd like to offer
    (another) suggestion, on a subject I understand far better then programing;
    that you roll-out a new version 'Classic Start' exclusively designed for
    Windows NT 6.2 with a license that offers more opportunity remuneration.
    Students and Microsoft 'Spark' program participants could be allowed to use
    the software for free, but regular consumers, and especially commercial and
    government institutions would be required to purchase a per seat license.

    This suggestion may on the surface appear to be of the typically ill conceived
    development fork, but if you have any desire to be remunerated for your hard
    work it offers more means to that end as well as needed greater product
    clarity which sadly is lost on a lot of Windows Users that don't even
    understand what a Windows 'Shell' is, and sadly find the Classic Shell site to
    'technically challenging', and even bigger eye roller so to will the Finance
    and Purchasing Executives that are already shopping 'Start Menu' products for
    their enterprise deployments.

    Obviously, you're the man with the man skills, doing all the hard work and
    Classic Shell is yours to take in any direction that pleases you -- and
    regardless I am personally very grateful to you for all you've done in making
    my my use of the Microsoft Windows OS a better smoother ride!