Need Some ClassicLadder Infos


  • Anonymous

    Hello Marc
    I've already used ClassicLadder for testing within  EMC2.
    I made some tests with the Modbus TCP-IP in Master configuration with two slaves.
    The result was positive.
    I would like to have more informations related to ClassicLadder because I would like to use it in stand alone mode
    for the management of a machine automation.
    - Is there a way to have an installation package for Linux platforms including the RTAI ?
    - If the CL installation is not on a RTAI patched PC wich performances could be expected ?
    - How many Inputs-Outputs-Words and bits it is possible to use ?
    - When a session of CL is shutted down the actual values of the Words (%MW) are stored/retained in some way ?
    -The Modbus RTU or TCP-IP can now manage up to 10 Slaves how many words can be exchanged for any slave ?
    -Did you tested the performances of the Modbus TCP-IP communication in order to know communication the latency  ?

    I appreciate your job deeply and I would like to use ClassicLadder for a medium size machine automation using
    I/O (Input-Output digital and analog with Brushless Motion Drives) connected only in Modbus TCP-IP.