#31 Classbuilder 2.6 crashed when closing project.

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Using VC 2005 Team Edition.

Migrating my cbd-files from version 2.4 to 2.6 leads to corrupted project files, so that the classbuilder terminates abnormally, when I try to exit.

Saving the project file operates normally. But closing the file throws a 0x000000c5.

I don't know, what exactly happens.

The behavior described above leads to some unusable cbd-files, which I had to rebuild from the scratch. The ms sourcecode mgmt helped me to recover these files. I've build them up, step by step to narrow down the problem. So far I find out, that in my case:

a. cloning a class or
b. creating pure virtual functions or
c. ???

leads to these corrupted files.
I fear, that the underlying object (-id) management doesn't work properly.


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    Sorry about the late reaction; the SF monitor function seems to have stopped working for me.
    Please check whether the new version 2.7 PR516 has the same problem. If it does, send me a version 2.4 CBD file that exhibits the problem and I will have a look at it.


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    Currently the last version available is the 2.6 classbuilder version.
    Please be kind to upload the mentioned 2.7 release.
    I will test the corresponding cbd-files as soon as possible.