Microsoft Outlook & Microsoft Outlook Express

  • > Question: I installed your antivirus program. I notice when I go
    > into msoutlook a popup appears but when I go into outlook express
    > or ms internet explorer NO popup appears showing me I am protected
    > or covered by your antivirus program my question is am I? even with
    > no popup messages appearing saying I am?

    • alch

      The FAQ in the help:

      Q: Why doesn't the "Integration with Microsoft Outlook" option appear during installation?
      A: This option only appears if Microsoft Outlook is installed on the computer. Note that Outlook (which is part of the Microsoft Office suite) and Outlook Express (which comes as part of Windows) are two very different programs (despite the similarity in names). ClamWin does not integrate with Outlook Express.

      • Is ther a patch to integrate with Outlook Express?