Virus = Spyware = Bloatware ?

  • Sorry if I post something thats already been discussed.

    I have been wondering if it is possible for virus software, especially clamwin to detect software that is not considered officially a virus, but not useful, annoying and system consuming. Often this kind of software is referred to as 'bloatware'. It comes with new pcs and laptops as a 'special service' or together with software from the internet - for example aim likes to install a lot of extra junk that no user really needs/wants.
    Similar is software that does not have any apparent purpose but just sits around in the system.
    Spyware I would consider malicious software, too.
    All this software tends to be difficult to find for the average user, because they are not stored in the '/program files' and they like to start themselve as some kind of iminous service on startup instead of being in the startup folder.

    Would it be possible for clam to detect such software, in order to really 'clean and cure' a windows system?
    Would there any ambition for the clam comunity to include these kind of features?
    Is there any other software that maybe already does a similar thing?
    Is there maybe a database of information about executables that often end up in windows systems so the average user can find out what that program does and where it came from?

    Thanks for the input

    • clamwin does detect some spyware.