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Release 0.98.7 to improve error messages

Improve error message to transfere to SAP applications

Posted by Markus Strehle 2015-09-25

Release 0.98.6 as patchset of bug fixes

  • Fix problem, if libmagic can not be found in VsaStartup
  • Security fix for compression, see CVE-2015-2282 and CVE-2015-2278
  • Enhance buffer scan in libclamdsap
Posted by Markus Strehle 2015-05-29

Initial support of NW-VSI 2.00

Adaption and tested with ClamAV 0.9.8

Posted by Markus Strehle 2015-04-30

Support remote AV scan with clamd

Adaption for ClamAV 0.97.4
Support for remote clamd scan

Posted by Markus Strehle 2012-04-27

Adaption for ClamAV 0.97

Adaption for ClamAV 0.97
Prevent multiple byte code initialisation

Posted by Markus Strehle 2011-03-22

Released stable version

ClamSAP 0.9.6 reached stable status

Posted by Markus Strehle 2010-11-03

Adaption for ClamAV 0.95

Changes for libclamav 0.95

Posted by Markus Strehle 2009-08-05

ClamSAP: Beta Release

ClamSAP exists of two 'C' shared libraries which link between ClamAV and the Virus Scan Interface (VSI) of SAP (offical name: NW-VSI). A SAP application can use the ClamAV engine to scan for malicious uploads in HTTP uploads for example.

First beta 0.9.0 release of ClamSAP package vsclam.
The shared links libclamav (ClamAV) into SAP NetWeaver application servers.

Posted by Markus Strehle 2008-08-14