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Development Release v0.4

There is a bug fix in this release which speeds up virus scanning considerably. Also, there are changes to when files are scanned and include when a file is opened or closed (if it has been modified.)

Posted by adam spotton 2005-11-12

CVS Access Is Up!

Anonymous CVS access is working now for all who are interested. Use the module name clamrt to grab the latest development code.

Posted by adam spotton 2005-10-22

Development Release v0.2

This release is mostly code cleanup and consolidation inside the driver. Read the changelog.txt file for the details. Developers are encouraged to submit patches against v0.2 instead of v0.1, please.

Posted by adam spotton 2005-10-19

Development Release v0.1

The first development release is out! Be aware that ClamRT is still in the early stages of development and is by no means fully-featured. This release is basically to show that progress is being made and to see if anyone is interested in helping the project out. The binary package contains a GUI interface to the driver and demonstrates the basic idea on how to interface with it.

Posted by adam spotton 2005-10-17