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ClamMail 1.4.5 libclamav

ClamMail libclamav engine based on current CVS version of ClamAV is available as update to ClamMail 1.4.4.
Please test it carefully.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2006-07-02

ClamMail 1.4.4

ClamMail 1.4.4 is now available.Unicode version for Windows NT/2000/XP.
Version for Win9X is experimental.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2006-02-07

ClamLite 1.3

ClamLite 1.3 is now available for download.Updated libclamav engine + new check for program update.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2006-02-04

ClamMail 1.4.4 Beta 1

ClamMail 1.4.4 Beta 1 is mainly for translators and beta-testers.
Now with Unicode support (85 % complete - all GUI programs are Unicode) + GNU gettext translation system.Notification email (after removing malware from email) is now UTF-8.
Not tested under Win9x (any help appreciated)

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2006-01-15

ClamMail 1.4.3

- fixed bug "ClamMail hang (Win98) when there is no AV databases" (also for NT/XP).
Now program quits (Win98) and service stops (NT/XP) in that case.
- fixed bug "ClamMail applet crash when there is no AV databases"
- better (more POP3 strict) support of PASS command : after unsuccesfull PASS command, client must re-send username first
- fixed bug : " after PASS when not connected to POP3 server ClamMail return empty result
and next -ERR Connection timeout" - now it returns eighter TCP/IP error or error returned by POP3 server

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-12-25

ClamMail 1.4.2

ClamMail 1.4.2 is now available for download.
Fixed bugs under Win9x platfrom , should be usable now.
FastMM4 memory manager used, new look of ClamMail applet.
Properly display status of services even under nonprivileged user account.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-12-23

ClamMail 1.4.1

This release fixed exception occured sometimes in 1.4.0 and previous versions.
Fixed email processing (LIST [N] command used by Opera)
Better support of Win9X.

Please upgdate immediately.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-12-22

ClamMail 1.4.0

ClamMail 1.4.0 is available for download.
I recommend to upgrade immediately (uninstall any previous version before).
This version fix a deadlock which caused proxy to stop responding quite frequently and changes a way of reloading AV databases after update.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-12-20

ClamMail 1.3.7

ClamMail 1.3.7 available for download
It uses libclamav.dll dated 18122005
with all functions pushed to stdcall convention.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-12-18

ClamLite 1.2

ClamLite 1.2 available for download
It uses libclamav.dll dated 18122005
with all functions pushed to stdcall convention.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-12-18

ClamLite 1.1

ClamLite 1.1 is available for download.
Fixed bug with quick scan, added possibility to share AV databases with ClamMail.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-12-14

ClamMail 1.3.6

clamMail 1.3.6 is now available for download.It fixes problem with not scanning phishings.Please upgrade as soon as possible.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-12-14

ClamMail 1.3.5

ClamMail 1.3.5 stable release is now available for download.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-12-06


ClamLite Antivirus for Windows
- simple GUI with ClamAV engine (libclamav.dll) integrated is now available for download.

Sources are in ClamMail CVS.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-11-16

ClamMail 1.3.0 available

ClamMail 1.3.0 is available for download.
Due to serious bug with incorect registry settings in ClamMail 1.2.9 fixed now I recommend updating as soon as possible if using version 1.2.9.
Updated to ClamAV CVS 20050513.
BinHex email attachment decoding is now fixed/supported.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-05-13

ClamMail 1.2.9 available

ClamMail 1.2.9 is now available for download.Fixes some bugs,but first of all - updated to ClamAV CVS 01.05.2005 with full RAR support.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-05-02

ClamMail 1.2.8 available

ClamMail 1.2.8 available
Fixed bug with 99% CPU usage during and after quake3 run (and probably other fullscreeen game/application).
Minor tweaks.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-04-01

ClamMail 1.2.7 available

ClamMail 1.2.7 is now available.Added option to automatically modify Outlook Express accounts during instalation.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-03-29

ClamMail 1.2.6 available

ClamMail 1.2.6 is now available.
Fixed bug in DNS support while updating AV signatures.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-03-24

ClamMail 1.2.5 available

ClamMail 1.2.5
- added Verbose option (non-documented) , by default ClamMail is now gently and quiet ;-) (no more a bunch of NT event log entries!)
- some structure changes to avoid situation (though rare) when Clammail hang without responding to e-mail client

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-03-23

ClamMail 1.2.4 available

ClamMail 1.2.4
- small code refactoring: global data moved to appropriate classes to avoid threads confict when using global ansistrings
- added option to disable DNS support (and move back to old freshclam HTTP method for updating ClamAV signatures)
- added check for corrupted database in tool for manual update of ClamAV signatures (manual update tool : clamu.exe)
- better update report generated for debug option "Main + Clam + Debug"
- tray notification finally working also in old systems (Win98/WinME)
- fixed a couple of bugs

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-03-22

ClamMail 1.2.3 available

ClamMail 1.2.3 is now available for download.

- tool for manual update of ClamAV signatures (switch "/hide" in command line alow to use it also with
system "Task Scheduler")
- automatic alone service for update ClamAV signatures (service Clam Antivirus AutoUpdate)
- fixed bug in signatures update support (bug: "many open UDP ports remain after update process")
- a little addons: click on malware name in baloon window from tray icon to search it in Google,logo ClamAV to open
- better installation GUI (I hope)
- many small bugfixes

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-03-21

ClamMail 1.2.2 available

ClamMail 1.2.2 available for download.Tray icon notification is now working again.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-03-08

ClamMail 1.2.1 available

ClamMail 1.2.1 (maintenance release) is now available for download:

New libclamav.dll and freshclam.dll devel-0.83-20050305
- support for HTTPProxy when updating AV data
- possibility to change separator in POP3 username from "\" to something else
- disable automatic AV update
- modify e-mail subject when virus found (for Outlook Express)
- systray icon now show always current AV databases versions
(CPL applet show always versions from last update, maybe different!)... read more

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-03-05

ClamMail 1.2 available

ClamMail 1.2 release available for download.Quite stable, but some translations are incomplete.
This version also fixes critical bug in Zip files support in previous RC8 release. Please upgrade immediately.

Posted by boguslaw brandys 2005-02-25