Open Source Software User Survey

The purpose of the survey conducted by Dr. Katherine Stewart from University of Maryland was to gain an understanding of user views regarding the pros and cons of OSS adoption. This survey was a first step in a larger study aimed at assessing the applicability of prior theories of user adoption in the OSS context, identifying adoption factors that are unique to OSS, and incorporating those factors into a broader theoretical framework.
By courtesy of Dr. Stewart we publish the summary of the survey on Clam AntiVirus:
Results from ClamAV respondents paralleled those of the larger population. Respondents were generally impressed with the quality of the product and the level of support available. One respondent noted "I felt convinced by ClamAV's speed of development and project members responsiveness as exhibited in the mailing list." Many believed that the product's level of quality derived from the open source development
model. One user noted "[ClamAV's effectiveness] is due to the development model ? end users submit suspicious emails or executables to the development team which can act as soon as a new threat is seen,
unlike a corporate model where end user participation is more limited."
ClamAV users noted with great frequency that ClamAV "tends to beat all competitors in terms of response times to new virus outbreaks." Unlike other respondents who had adopted software they felt "had a steep
learning curve", ClamAV users adopted the program because of its "simplicity."

Posted by Luca Gibelli 2005-04-29