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[ANNOUNCE] cl-net-snmp 6.0

========================== CL-NET-SNMP 6.0 =============================

The CL-NET-SNMP project is pleased to announce the release of 6.0.
This is a major release which contains numerous enhancements and
bug fixes from the last 5.x release.

CL-NET-SNMP is a free, high-level implementation of the Simple Network
Management Protocol (SNMP), which is common used for Unix/Linux system
administration and network management. CL-NET-SNMP provides a fast ASN.1
BER encode/decode engine; a MIB to Common Lisp compiler; a dynamic MIB
loader for runtime loading of MIB objects; a SNMP server which could run
inside any supported Common Lisp platform for montoring your Lisp
server-side applications; and an group of handful interface function for
doing every SNMP operations. On LispWorks, CL-NET-SNMP has a GUI based
"MIB Browser". CL-NET-SNMP supports SNMPv3 by help of the IRONCLAD
crypto library, and do UDP networking based on USOCKET 0.5. CL-NET-SNMP
is maintained by Chun Tian (binghe), a Chinese Common Lisp programmer.... read more

Posted by Chun Tian (binghe) 2011-03-19

LispWorks-UDP 4.0

Hi, LispWorks Users

I'm pleased to release the version 4.0 of LispWorks-UDP! I call it "a big step":)

Major changes in this release:

* Move all source code from COMM to "COMM+" package, which stop the hacking of COMM.
All external symbols of COMM is also exported to new COMM+ package, the compatibility of
LW's TCP facility didn't break, so just change your code to COMM+ will works.... read more

Posted by Chun Tian (binghe) 2008-11-22

[ann] cl-net-snmp 5.19

Common Lisp SNMP (cl-net-snmp) 5.19

New packages in this release:

* snmp 5.19 (snmp-server 3.11)
* asn.1 4.14
* usocket-udp 2.4

[Support Platforms]

* CMUCL (version >= 2008-08 snapshot)
* Clozure CL
* LispWorks (plus ASN.1 compiler and GUI tools)
* Allegro CL
* Scieneer CL (need a udp patch)



Posted by Chun Tian (binghe) 2008-11-16

cl-net-snmp 5.0 released

2008-9-8: cl-net-snmp 5.0

Hi, Lispers

After one and a half year since I started this project (0.01 on May
2007, 1.2 on Oct 2007, 3.0 on July 21), I'm glad to
release cl-net-snmp 5.0 today, the pure-lisp implementation of Simple
Network Management Protocol (RFC 2570).

This project is part of my big plan: write a new system administration
platform (like HP OpenView) completely in Common Lisp.

New feature in 5.0:... read more

Posted by Chun Tian (binghe) 2008-09-08

LispWorks-UDP 1.0

Posted by Chun Tian (binghe) 2008-06-13

On Lisp (CN) snapshot release

For Chinese Lisper:

onlisp-cn shapshot pdf 20080524

Chapter 1-14, 26+

Posted by Chun Tian (binghe) 2008-05-24

CL-Net-SNMP ported to USOCKET

USOCKET is a very good portable Common Lisp package. By extending it to support UDP, we can get a easy porting to most current Common Lisp platforms.

Now cl-net-snmp can run on at least CMUCL, SBCL, OpenMCL and LispWorks!

Posted by Chun Tian (binghe) 2008-03-19

SNMP Package has been ported to SBCL

Though ZEBU is always the biggest trouble, the SNMP package can run on SBCL now.

SBCL has native UDP networking support, and the port is quite easy. The usocket project is our willing to get a full networking support on almost all CL platform, but it still not support now at present.

Welcome SBCL users to test our SNMP package.

Posted by Chun Tian (binghe) 2008-03-13

UDP support of LispWorks!

The UDP support of LispWorks (lispworks-udp) can almost work! Now most of APIs are stable.

We have at least two customers: one is ourself, the SNMP package, the other is IRCAM, some people are porting OMax ( from MCL to LispWorks, which depends on lispworks-udp.

We should release the 1.0 version after several weeks. Hope more people use it to do UDP jobs on LispWorks, before LW can official support the UDP networking.... read more

Posted by Chun Tian (binghe) 2008-03-13