#31 Gameplay Realism

The Don

OK. Cruise missiles are launch and forget armament. In TR they act as bombers and are available next turn to do their thing AGAIN. Cripes they can even perform search missions. Cruise missiles are a ONE time use only. Target, launch and forget. The launched missile is no longer in your inventory. Change this ASAP.

There needs to be change to the informer/assasins/ninjas/spys thing.

Informers - 50% chance to detect other informers

Assasins/Ninjas - always detect informers, 50% chance detect other assasins/ninjas

Spies -always detect informers/assasins/ninjas, 50 % chance detect other spies.

The loss rate of assasins/ninjas is far too high. How can one develop this unit when it dies most of the time.

WHen an informer/assasin/ninja/spy is detected then the detected unit should be able to be evicted back to its owning country capital city. Currently, even an assasin/ninja of a country you do not have an open borders agreement with does not re-locatge when you detect its presence in your territory.

The presence of an informer/assasin/ninja/spy within their line of sight of a tile greatly increases the chance of an assasination mission in a city. The probability increasing in accordance with the tech level associated with the unit concerned. The spotting informer/assasin/ninja/spy coul;d even be a country with which you are friendly with and definitely one with which there is permanent alliance.


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    Make the Asian unique units more realistic. Make the Mongols have superior cavalry, Chinese have superior infantry and Japanese have a superior navy.