#29 Game Fixes

The Don

The mod needs some changes.
1. Cannon, artillery and howitzers are murderous on any amoured unit but do not kill infantry/leg units
2. Bi-planes should not be capable of shooting down/damaging stealth bombers at all. This should probably be extended to any jet powered aircraft. When I fly in with a bunch of stealth bombers and the opposition has only bi-planes (can I help it if the opposition is so far behind!) I do not expect to have about half of the bombers shot down or damaged.
3. The humvee & armoured car should be able to carry any leg unit, including workers and settlers.
4. The armoured infantry (the correct name should be mechanised infantry) unit should be a bit more powerful and the IFV a bit less powerful. Mechanised infantry units have historically being just a little less powerful than the tank units. I do not see the IFV as being more powerful than a mechanised unit.