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#25 Enhancements & Changes?

The Don

1. Motorised infantry unit. Introduced between the two
world wars and still with us now. These guys have
integral transport.
2. Naval transport units should have a larger movement
allowance than their sail counterparts. Who needs wind
when the engines are on.
3. All horse mobile units should have a movement
allowance of two. Motorised/mechanised units can move
faster than horses.
4. Helicopters regularly fly over water and engage in
combat while doing so. This would be a realistic
addition/change to total realism.
5. The large stack penalty, while OK and realistic,
should be split between the various 'arms'; ie land,
sea and air. After all congested roads shouldn't affect
ships in port or aircraft at the airport (helicopters
being possible exception there).
6. Introduce ability to save oil per turn.
7. New building - oil refinery.
8. Must have oil to build oil dependant units (as
currently exists). But must have refined oil to
actually operate these units. No refined oil, no
motorised/mechanised movement at all. They can still
defend though.
9. If oil resource lost, due to sabotage, etc, then
saved oil will keep refinery going (one saved oil per
turn) until saved oil gone. Saved oil only used if
there ius movement of and oil dependant unit!
10. Manhatton project build icon is barracks icon.
11. Intorduction of mines a neat idea. However, they
should really be hidden and players can blindly run
into them (as happens in real life) or they can build a
minesweeper (New Unit).

Just my thoughts on a really great MOD for CIV IV. Well
done you guys.


  • Peter Bodnar
    Peter Bodnar

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    4. - we want include flying component in next release
    5. - you are right, i will check this
    6.,7.,8.,9. - this need big change in SDK, maybe in future
    11. - i am working on minesweeper concept