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#82 CvAltRoot.py file usage, loading a saved game


Opperating System Ubuntu 10.04.2 32 bit
Mods installed, Bug 4.3, Rise of Mankind 2,92, Blue Marble

I've amended the CvAltRoot.py file to get this mod to load under Linux (Ubuntu), but I can only load a saved game, once a new game is opened up and then load the saved game.

Problem seems to be with the Civilization 4.ini file path, this is wrong on system tab information.


  • couldn't attach 2nd file PythonDbg.log

  • Woo Hooo 2nd file

  • rootDir = "C:/Program Files/Firaxis Games/Sid Meier's Civilizaton 4/Beyond the Sword"

  • Path was Rootdir =C:/Program Files/Firaxis Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 4/Beyond the Sword/Mods/Rise of Mankind

  • 2nd Trial

  • De Bug Python 2nd Trial

  • 1st path, delete the /Mods/Rise of Mankind addition. Only referred to Beyond the Sword folder.

  • I've played around with it further, loaded the 'A New Dawn' mod sequel to Rom, and had an epiphany on path.

    C:/User/[user name]/My Documents/My Games/Beyond the sword.

    Tried this in the RootDir path, and the XP windows path, neither worked.

    I'll attach the 2 files requested.

  • New altered path

  • C:/User/[user name]/My Documents/My Games/Beyond the Sword

    Placed as path in both RootDir and Windows XP Pathway, eliminates the initial python error, or Bug having the incorrect path.

    Still won't load a saved game, still have to begin a new game, load from there.

    I understand the new path, I have to use, its just emulating Windows, and making it think Drive_C is the hard drive.
    Bit confusing on having 2 paths to same files..but I can understand that, why it won't load a saved game??? I don't understand.

    I will amend the recommended path and directories for Ubuntu on my posts.