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#80 Bull drops all other info screens


file system Ubuntu 10.04 Linux
Bug version 4.4 (not 4.5 as I reported) 2220
Bull Version 1.2 (this is the problem) 182

I've auto set up Bug to load every time, ie self installed into Custom Assets file..
I've further set up Bull to load as a mod every time, or when I just loaded as a mod.

In both instances, Bull loads fine as a mod, but WHEN I select;
Single player
Play now
Continents map (my default)
Huge maps
Marathon speed
Emperor level
Random leader.

It begins the game....fine so far.

Game starts, and so does the problem.

Game screen just dumps me to the Technology screen, Blank, with only the Blue marble gold back ground showing with an exit button.

Exit that screen, dumps me to starting position, no icons showing, nothing, only Starting settler and default units (ie either a warrior or scout)

Game will play, insist I select a technology to research, if I don't 1st turn, but I can't access any other screens F1-F12
No icons anywhere, I can't enter city screen, just goes straight to 'flying Camera' I think or the Alt-O view
I can access huts for gold etc, interact with other AI players, build cites etc, game runs apart from these screens.

Note: BAT 2.3 Runs fine, show's up mods of Bug 4.4, Bull 1.2, better A.I, and 1.5 version of something (forgot) EVERYTHING WORKS FINE Loading BAT 2.3 as a Mod. Not a problem there.