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CitrusDB 1.0 Release Candidate 1

CitrusDB 1.0 RC1 has been released. This release candidate is ready
for use by organizations that want to transition to citrusdb. The
only items added since 0.9.5 are the avs response field in credit card
import function and the check number field in the payment tool.

Posted by Paul Yasi 2006-05-04

New CitrusDB 0.9 Released

This is the best release of CitrusDB yet! The new release includes many needed bug fixes and better error handling. If you had trouble installing it in the past, the improved error handling should make this release easier. It also adds more complete language translation ability, improved creditcard and invoicing, url links for external service options, new functions credit card billing, and individual item billing details on each account record.

Posted by Paul Yasi 2006-01-20

Beta Status

I believe I have finally reached beta status. What that means is that absolutely everything is in there and does something extremely close to what the final result should be. There is still alot of room for tweaking code and making things more streamlined, a whole lot of room. The code might even be able to be used now for something other than to play around with, but since it's beta I won't recommend using it in production yet. For long time users, please note that the initial login name has changed from "test" to "admin" now!... read more

Posted by Paul Yasi 2004-08-26

Recent Interest in CitrusDB

There seems to be much more recent interest in CitrusDB than in the past, which makes me very happy to see. I am approaching what I consider the beta version 0.1 - and hope to release that soon.

Posted by Paul Yasi 2004-03-23

Alpha status

I've upgraded the status of this project to Alpha - now that it can somewhat perform all of it's major functions. I will continue to name the releases by date, until Beta, when I think I will change the releases to be numbered starting at 0.1 This software is still in development and I don't recommend using it in a production environment, especially if you require all the billing features.

Posted by Paul Yasi 2003-04-02

Now I think we're Pre-Alpha

I know i'm not planning anything more for the initial release that isn't listed in the code somewhere - so I changed the project status from Planning to Pre-Alpha - this means that many things aren't working yet, but most of the planning and ideas are in there, even it they are just non-working links or code comments for now.

Posted by Paul Yasi 2002-08-13